3D Animation Vs. 2D Animation: Which Is a Good Choice For Digital Marketing?

3D Animation Vs. 2D Animation: Which Is a Good Choice For Digital Marketing?


In digital marketing, animation videos are constantly a major part to connect with audience in a fun style. These videos can create the most efficient promotional campaigns, whether you are a startup or an established business.

Noticing video advertising statistics, you will be astonished to know that most audience spends their free time watching videos on social media. In reality, about 3.48 billion people are involved in watching digital videos worldwide. And watching animation videos are the most prominent.

Generally, two types of animation videos exist, and those are 2D and 3D animation. Both are an essential part of enlightening and amusing the viewers. There is no doubt that these two animation types are well-recognized in digital marketing. Still, it becomes a dilemma for managers to choose digital marketing that can easily carry a message and perfectly match the brand’s voice.

Below is a brief breakdown of the key considerations you should make before beginning your first animation video from a reputable and experienced 3D animation video company that can offer you the best animation video services for your digital marketing. However, let’s first talk about 2D and 3D animation before moving on to the factors.

What is 2D Animation?


You can create all the animated television movies and shows using the technology of a 2D. Today, you can perform 2D animated videos using a hand to draw an image, known as traditional animation, or via computer technology using software such as Adobe After Effects or Toom Boom Harmony and others. However, whether it’s a piece of paper or a computer program, the creation process always takes place in a 2-dimensional space.

In 2D animation, characters and objects typically mimic movement in a flat image. It is measured in height and width, and only perspective and occasionally flat shades can provide the impression of depth. In 2D animated animations, everything moves in a flat plane. Storyboards, characters, and backdrops are the main emphases of 2D animation.

Despite how much simpler the 2D animated video production process appears, it still demands a lot of technical know-how and imagination to produce a top-notch final output. 2D animators make frames to specify a series of images.

What Is 3D Animation?


3D worlds, also called second life where 3-dimensional space are used to establish 3D animation. 2D requires only height and width, while 3D requires height, width, and depth. 3D appears realistic, but the process of 3D animation is quite complex.

The capability of creating natural objects, hyper-realistic environments, and three-dimensional character manipulation is the main benefit of 3D animation. We used to see this type of animation style in contemporary cartoons and 3D animated videos with richer visuals. Programs like Ds Max, Autodesk Maya, Cinema 4D, ZBrush, Blender, and Houdini, are frequently used to create this type of animation.

Computer-generated images (CGI) are commonly used in 3D processes to produce scenes, characters, and other special effects. Similar to actual filmmaking, 3D animation allows for camera and light movement. The 3D animations in the films Frozen, Despicable Me, Toy Story, Shrek, and Madagascar are among the best.

Essential Factors To Consider Before Prior 2D And 3D Animation For Your Digital Marketing

Here are the essential factors to consider to make 3D and 2D animation for your digital marketing.

1. The Familiar And The Simple

The Familiar And The Simple

An intricate design can be stunning, but if it’s used excessively, it may silence your video’s message.

If your marketing goal is to communicate an idea, you should use 2D animation to grab and quickly hold your audience’s attention. Besides, 3D animation is challenging when it comes to design. Despite the aesthetic competition, your audience’s needs should come first as you work to create straightforward, easily absorbed content.

2. Production Time And Cost

Budget constraints may force you to choose a less expensive production over an expensive one that does not offer the best return on your marketing investment.

A 2D animation is a fantastic option for beginners who prefer to take a chance with tactics requiring less skills, experience, and resources. 2D animation is more straightforward to produce than 3D animation since it uses less hardware and software and takes less time to create. It also costs less money for marketing.

While 3D animation is perfect if you have sufficient fund to operate it. 3D animation is costly but the outcome will be worthwhile.

3. Flexibility In Movement And Design

Flexibility In Movement And Design

In case you want an engaging and appealing animation that can create arousal in the audience to participate, then 3D animation is the best you can go for.

Compared to 2D animation, you can get premium-quality from 3D animation as you can make 360-degrees rotations in the design. Doing this can establish a realistic movement and natural environment in animation. 3D animation lets you interact effectively with your target audience by using shadow play, textures, and reflections that give a real-life appearance to your products.

Generally, 3D animation has multiple advantages from its photorealistic models, such as attracting high online traffic, promoting more interactivity, etc., compared to 2D animation.

4. Visual Concept


Though 2D animation is more conventional, 3D animation has grown in popularity since the 1990s. Beyond its adaptability and versatility, it is noticed by many that 3D animation has already surpassed 2D animation in terms of producing more inventive concepts and enabling firms to question norms with their marketing initiatives.

Because it can turn drawings into more natural things, 3D animation is incredibly appealing to viewers and enhances their viewing experience. Additionally, it is noteworthy in that it may adopt a variety of tones, styles, and formats that are specifically suited to the requirements of the client, especially for the upcoming generation.


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