6 Easy Approaches to Using Whiteboard Animation for Marketing

6 Easy Approaches to Using Whiteboard Animation for Marketing

6 Easy Approaches to using Whiteboard Animation fo-01

Video is an incredibly potent tool for promoting your goods or services, mainly when you want to depict their functionality or benefits to your intended audience.

On May 2, 2014 (discussion with eMarketer’s Christine Bittar), Cheryl Policastro, Director of Shopper Marketing at Novartis Consumer Health, emphasized its efficiency in advertising prescription and non-prescription drugs. For instance, their fiber supplement brand, Benefiber, was promoted efficaciously through videos explaining its dissolvability in food and beverages. Videos not only address item specifics but also educate about alternatives.

However, producing videos featuring actual individuals is due to the need for many resources and legal obligations, such as obtaining rights to use people’s likenesses and property. This process can be complicated.

One way you can eliminate complications is by utilizing whiteboard animation. Also recognized as scribing, whiteboard animation entails drawing characters, objects, and settings on screen as audiences stick ahead. This form of animation can integrate audio components like voice-overs, sound effects, and music. Besides, you can augment your formation with photos or video snippets, making a large-scale visual experience.

Suppose you want to explore whiteboard animation services for your advertising efforts. In that case, partnering with a whiteboard animation services company can provide the knowledge required to make convincing and knowledgeable videos that efficaciously interact with your audience and carry your message.

Here are six easy approaches you can utilize whiteboard animation for your marketing mix:

Strategy #1: Make and Advertise Your Whiteboard Animation for Tablet Users

Make and Advertise Your Whiteboard Animation for Tablet Users-01

Tablet user’s show a significant change in marketing, yet only some businesses focus on this audience. A report from May 1, 2014, by eMarketer tells us that people are spending more time watching videos on tablets rather than other devices. Tablets may soon become the top pick for watching digital videos, exceeding PCs. Tablets have more giant screens than phones, which is better for watching more videos. Interestingly, even though mobile video watching is growing, most extraordinary ad spending goes toward online videos.

Here’s a smart plan: Create a whiteboard animation perfect for tablets and spread the word utilizing mobile ads. This way, you’re tapping into an expanding trend with little competition. But remember that this chance may only last for a short time as more ads for mobile are expected above time.

Consider supporting a data plan with a mobile carrier (a service agreement between a mobile network provider (like a cellular company) and a customer). It’s shown that people who watch videos on their phones are likely to exceed their data limits. An April 25, 2014 from eMarketer report speaks that numerous mobile video audiences prefer sponsored data plans.

Creating and promoting whiteboard animations for tablets offers an added advantage: people often watch these videos together, unlike on a desktop, where they typically watch alone. Sharing videos in group settings can amplify brand awareness and generate referrals for your business. This collaborative tablet viewing experience can help your message reach a broader audience.

Strategy #2: Share Your Tale with Whiteboard Animation

People adore stories – that’s what they flock to see in cinemas and on their screens. Storytelling is a universal fascination that draws us in. Just like Hollywood taps into this, your organization can too.

Every organization has a distinct story; this is where whiteboard animation arrives. It’s like having a big white canvas where you can draw out your story. Think about healthcare and pharmaceutical companies; they’ve got lots to say about what they do. But sometimes, these things are complicated. That’s where whiteboard animation steps in – it simplifies intricate stuff into easy stories.

It’s like sharing a bedtime story when you tell it this way. People are more likely to listen, understand, and remember. So, whether you’re talking to professionals or routine folks, whiteboard animation can convert your tale into something everyone can enjoy.

Strategy #3: Use Whiteboard Animation for Teaching Employees

Use Whiteboard Animation for Teaching Employees-01

Companies are really into training employees nowadays. Forbes’ report from February 4, 2014, says that the U.S. spent above $70 Billion on this last year. That’s the most significant growth rate in eight years.

Here’s what’s happening: Many firms need help finding workers with the correct skills. They call it a “skills deliver chain” problem. More than 70% of firms say they need more skills. Even knowledgeable workers take 3 to 5 years to become good at their job.

This is where training comes in, but sometimes a human teacher is necessary. Many employees and freelancers work remotely. And videos are a popular way to teach stuff. This is where whiteboard animation is super helpful. It can help new people learn about the organization and teach new things to old-timers. So, learning can still happen even if you’re not in the same room.

Strategy #4: Use Cartoons to Show Off Your Product

We all know talking about new gadgets and fancy things can be challenging. Sometimes, selling these things needs a little bit of magic.

Imagine this: You have a fantastic new gadget, but it’s hard to explain. Whiteboard cartoons make even the most severe technology or uninteresting items seem fun and easy.

It’s like telling a story that excites people about what you have. Just like how cartoons make things come alive, these animations make your stuff seem cool and easy to use.

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Strategy #5: Show How Products Work

Sellers often need help explaining how things work effectively, especially when they can’t be there in person to demonstrate. Consider this: When you’re not physically present, it can be challenging to showcase products online.

Here’s the deal: People who create stuff sometimes need help to exhibit it online. They may need a video or a better way to present their item.

Sometimes, things could be more tricky to exhibit in a routine video. Imagine a medicine that operates inside your body or a solution for cleaning pipes – it’s hard to exhibit them in genuine videos. But whiteboard animation can do the trick. It can draw things out and exhibit how stuff works. It’s like magic that makes even the tricky things clear and easy to understand.

Strategy #06: Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Campaigns-01

Have you ever felt lost in the whirlwind of social media campaigns? It’s like trying to be heard in a noisy crowd. You can use a clever way to create your campaigns shine via whiteboard animations.

Imagine this: You’ve got an outstanding idea for a campaign, but squeezing it into a few seconds is tough. It’s like trying to fit a big story into a tiny box. Here’s where whiteboard animations perform their magic.

Instead of routine videos, use short and eye-catching animations. They’re like mini-stories that grab focus in an instant. It’s like waving a flag in a bustling crowd – you instantly endure.

But the genuine trick is the “Call-to-Action” or CTA. It’s like a signpost telling people what to do next. Your animation sets the scene, and the CTA points the way. Swipe, click, and they’re hooked.

You can customize your animations for every social platform. It’s like speaking the correct language in different places. Your animation matches correctly, no matter where it’s shared.

You can increase your visibility with catchy thumbnails that create people stop and look. You can add popular hashtags and keywords – like magic words that make your stuff easier to find.

Use teaser posts to build excitement and captions to engage your audience. These interactions are like kindling that keeps the fire burning and people interested.


Using videos can support you reach your target audience successfully. Whiteboard animation gives an affordable method to create engaging videos that motivate your viewers to take action. These six approaches mentioned are just a glimpse of how you can go for whiteboard animation for your marketing purpose. As you start making these videos, you’ll discover their potential in your business marketing.

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