9 Dynamic Ways To Boost Your Business With Animated Videos

9 Dynamic Ways To Boost Your Business With Animated Videos


The marketing landscape is rapidly evolving due to social acceleration and emerging trends. Marketers must embrace novel strategies to spotlight their products and services to remain effective.

While the long-standing marketing methods still be worthy, a refreshing approach is compulsory. Now, businesses must learn the AIDA principle- Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action- and how animated videos smoothly integrate to support it.

Businesses adopting animation for advertising earn a remarkable 40% surge in sales.

This dynamic shift further emphasizes that 93% of marketers utilize video for sales, online marketing and communication.

Notably, 96% of B2B enterprises aim to incorporate video into their content marketing strategies in the coming years.

Underlining this, 81% of individuals proudly showcase their videos on their brand’s digital home.

The appeal of animation lies in its capacity to instantaneously captivate the audience. Its adaptability across tones—professional, passionate, informational, or humorous—proves its lasting impact on viewers.

The infusion of animation into marketing is a progressive step, fostering customer engagement and leaving an indelible impression.

So here, in this blog, our experts in providing the top custom video animation services will discuss the best ways to use animated videos for your business.

Explainer Animated videos


When your company boasts remarkable products yet lacks the finesse to present them effectively, enter the realm of explainer videos. These videos represent a pioneering facet of visual communication, placing your brand at the focal point while intriguingly enlightening the audience about your offerings.

But how does this magic unfold?

Within a concise duration of under 2 minutes, explainer videos impeccably show your product. They artfully mix emotions and humor, trapping the viewer’s attention. This creates an emotional response, forging a profound connection that distinguishes you as the preferred choice among competitors. Statistics affirm that explainer videos produce a staggering 52% upswing in sales and leads.

Launching to craft your animation explainer video demands more than creativity. It mandates a clear direction, a carefully crafted idea, a strategic blueprint, and precisely calibrated emotions.

Storytelling videos

Stories craft vivid canvases painted with captivating characters that push us away on thrilling journeys. But don’t just take my word for it—delve into Shawn Callahan’s video, where he masterfully illustrates storytelling’s significance through an engaging example.

Storytelling has become a commanding strategy and a resounding buzzword in the corporate domain. Unlike cold statistics and rigid bar graphs, stories stimulate our thoughts, stir our emotions, and effectively convey a mission.

Within businesses, stories serve various roles. They tie employees to the brand’s essence and galvanize them toward specific objectives. Pioneering brands like Microsoft and Motorola exercise storytelling as a leadership tool, igniting inspiration and propelling change. The versatility of storytelling videos shines as they serve branding, case studies, product advertisements, and professional biographies. The critical question remains: What story about your business can leave a lasting impression on your customers?

Elevating the impact of your storytelling video demands a masterstroke:

  • Forge a relatable link between your product and your audience.
  • Evoke strong emotions in the minds of your customers.
  • Use the mixture of Circumstance, Curiosity, Characters, Conversations, and Conflict.
  • Immerse your audience in a sensory engagement.
  • Deliver exactly what aligns with your audience—always stay relevant.

In the words of influential marketer and professional content writer Rohan Iyer: “Abandon the notion of selling mere products or solutions; instead, embrace the art of selling stories, forging a profound connection with your consumers.”

Video Infographics


Observe the shift from reading to visual perception across generations, creating a fascination with visuals. Infographics have long been a staple in businesses, transforming complex statistics, facts, and figures into captivating visual narratives. The allure lies in quick comprehension and the ability to spark consumer engagement, leading to lots of social sharing. The SEO performance rises noticeably, making it a rigid branding tool.

Yet, the shift doesn’t end with infographics; it enters the realm of “Video Infographics.” This avant-garde approach has distinct advantages over its static counterpart. Integrate these dynamic elements into your business to forge a lasting imprint on your audience’s psyche. Imagine crafting a video infographic report that stands out from everyday PowerPoint presentations or employing them in key quarterly and annual sales gatherings. These efforts help to quickly gather statistical data, speeding up understanding of the organization’s goals.

The proof of profitability lies in data. Social video campaigns featuring infographic videos garnered 2.7 billion views in 2010, significantly increasing from the 820 million views generated in 2009 campaigns without this strategy.

Whiteboard Animation

Behold the magic of whiteboard animation, synonymous with video scribing. Armed solely with a whiteboard and a few strokes, you come across creative simplicity that wields immense influence.

Affordable yet a branding dynamo, whiteboard animation transforms detailed corporate complexity into elegantly simple illustrations. These serve as stepping stones for customers delving deeper into product features, increasing engagement and quick data understanding. Unlike traditional PowerPoint, whiteboard animation holds a good position over ineffective idea communication and message delivery.

As confirmed by a voice in ReelSEO, images convey a thousand words, but videos, especially whiteboard animation, bestow a million.

Use whiteboard animation with interactive graphics for engaging training. This approach revolutionizes comprehension to empower employees to grasp products thoroughly.

Moreover, its utility extends to sales, as whiteboard animation becomes a potent mechanism for delivering compelling sales messages that remain in memory.

Tutorial videos


Use the versatility of animated videos for comprehensive training and tutorials. This dynamic medium excels in illuminating processes and delving into the inner workings of products.

Animated tutorial videos explore unseen product facets, foster profound understanding, and interest beginners and seasoned employees.

A business embracing these videos empowers its workforce with captivating training materials, bridging understanding gaps effortlessly.

Create these videos through screenshots, screencasts, or a harmonious fusion of both techniques.

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With the help of our custom video animation services, improve your training schedule. We have you covered whether you want a 3D animated video or an explainer videos.

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Product Demo Videos

There is a vital dissimilarity between explainer videos and product demo videos. Demo videos showcase the product’s journey from inception to impact, while explainer videos tell a story about the product.

Unlike its counterpart, the product demo video caters to customers interested in your product, craving practical insights. By incorporating emotion and humor, these videos make your product relatable, convincing viewers unconsciously toward your offering. This strategic move not only advertises your product but also increases its relatability.

Displayed by companies like PadMapper, Dollar Shave Club, and Biz4loans, product demo videos significantly influence audiences.

Health and Safety Videos

Enter the realm of Health and Safety videos, where animation emerges as a guardian of well-being—take inspiration from OSHA’s 12 animated videos tailored for construction workers about site dangers and staying safe. These videos exemplify a comprehensive safety net Addressing near-miss scenarios, incidents, equipment safety, and 3D industry walkthroughs.

Incorporate health and safety animated videos to educate colleagues and employees on surviving accidents and navigating hazardous situations. These videos inspire, entertain, and reinforce a culture of vigilance in the organization.

Landing Pages

Prominent brands employ myriad landing pages to enhance conversions. However, using the same video across all pages affects SEO quality. Crafting live or high-budget animated videos incurs costs. The solution? Embrace simple animated videos.

Give your landing page a captivating atmosphere through an inspiring, humorous, or informative animated video. This visual gem becomes the star attraction, drawing visitors into your web domain. Use animation videos as homepage explainers and show your services concisely. Extend their utility to promotional videos, stoking product advertisements, and catalyzing social sharing. Prompting sign-ups and fostering social connections, these videos can even convey gratitude.

You can step into the domain of creative freedom with Animetus, enabling you to forge quality DIY animated videos for your landing page.

Internal Communication


Internal communication is a cornerstone of maintaining commitment, collaboration, and performance among personnel. Animation videos emerge as a way to grow deep connections within the organization. An emotional link is forged with employees and colleagues through captivating visuals, fostering deeper resonance.

You can use animation to deliver motivational messages or birthday greetings. Watch Mill James’ internal communication video for new hires to see its impact.

“Substance and style mix to birth creativity.” While animation can captivate, retain, and persuade in the business realm, the crux lies in possessing a sense that resonates profoundly and a style that impacts the viewer’s mind.


This article explains how you can animate video styles in business to create a substantial impact on viewers. This symbiotic alignment of substance and context delivers benefits for all stakeholders.

There are numerous ways to integrate animation into your business strategy. If you creatively want to use animation, get our custom video animation services in the USA.

Ignite your vision with 2D and 3D animated or high-tech animation videos for your high-tech company.