A Look into Emerging 3D Animation Trends of 2024

A Look into Emerging 3D Animation Trends of 2024


Making three-dimensional digital animations is 3D animation. It’s like creating realistic-looking computer-generated characters, objects, and scenes. Avatars can move and act like humans using 3D animation.

Many factors drive 3D animation’s popularity. First, movies use more visual effects, and people desire better content.

The internet also increases demand for fabulous material. Cloud technology makes animation creation and sharing easy. Special effects in 3D animation make movies seem significant. This indicates a growing need for animation talent.

Small-budget films use 3D animation to realize their concepts. The COVID-19 epidemic added intrigue. People went to online activities and games since they couldn’t go out.

And guess what? These experiences needed 3D animation to be cool and engaging. Remote companies began employing 3D animation to demonstrate products and convey concepts. Cool new 3D animation trends include: –


  • Making things look real in real-time.
  • Using unique cameras to capture movement.
  • Doing everything on the cloud.


Yes, 3D animation is great and increasingly relevant in many fields.

This post will look at the top ten 3D animation trends anticipated to rule the market in 2024.

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Début the Top 10 3D Animation Trends Set to Dominate 2024



We’ll begin with best ones and then move forward; we hope you’re as excited as we are!


Small-Interacts On Web And Software Portals

Micro-interactions are the sixth trend for 3D animation in 2024.

Improving overall functionality and user experiences (UX) has made micro-interactions on software platforms and websites crucial.

You may have noticed these small interactions when you use a social media app and hit the like button. A fancy animation, such as glitter or hearts, now frequently accompanies what was formerly just a click. The little thing makes a big difference and makes interacting with apps or websites more enjoyable.

Thus, micro-interactions include clicking buttons, submitting forms, and navigating menus. They make the product or website more engaging and intuitive by giving users rapid feedback.

Incorporating haptic feedback, visual effects, and auditory cues into micro-interactions can create an enjoyable and painless user experience. Subtle cues can lead people through intricate procedures or reveal previously unknown capabilities.

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Virtual Fashion Shows



This concept of 3D animation is becoming increasingly popular in the fashion industry.

It all started in 2020 when live shows were canceled due to the global epidemic, and many companies shifted their focus to internet platforms. Thus, 3D models showcasing new ideas began to increase at virtual fashion shows.

Since then, these virtual fashion shows displaying various 3D garment combinations and textiles gets a high popularity.

Virtual fashion shows are modernizing the fashion business by fusing fashion with technology. They give audiences with engaging and interactive experiences. Freed from the constraints of conventional runway presentations, they give the designers a more imaginative and exciting platform to display their wares.


Digital Clothes/Materials

Animators can now make surfaces, materials, and textures that look realistic and exquisite, thanks to modern 3D animation techniques. Silk, leather, and metal are all made to look like something else, thanks to their mastery of movement, shadow, and light.

Because of this, virtual fashion shows benefit powerfully from them since the outfits and fabrics shown look better overall.

Further, it was inconceivable even a short time ago that someone would shell out cash for digital apparel. Well, things have changed by the year 2024. Thanks to the Metaverse, it’s all possible.

According to a new trend, stylish clothes are now available for anyone to buy online and wear in the virtual world. You can flaunt them with augmented reality or Instagram photos.

The idea is that animators create 3D garment models, and then you can shop for them in the metaverse using e-commerce websites. You can buy one when you find one you like, and then your digital body will own it. The opening of stores by well-known labels like Gucci within the Metaverse escalated the situation expressively.

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VR/AR Animation



Virtual and augmented reality will also be big in 3D animation in 2024.

Virtual and augmented reality animation combines traditional narrative power with VR’s exciting interactivity. It creates an exceptional and captivating encounter. This type of animation is reshaping numerous markets, from the gaming and entertainment industries to the education and training sectors.

People can unleash their imaginations and experiment with animation in new ways. The future of 3D animation is bright, largely thanks to the rise of virtual and augmented reality animation.


3d Logo Animation



The next trend in animation that we will be looking at is 3D logo animation.

Businesses always look for fresh, memorable ways to attract customers’ attention. Businesses have a one-of-a-kind chance to show off the character and essence of their business with 3D logo animation.

Now, they can give their logos the 3D treatment, complete with motion and other eye-catching elements, making them stand out from the crowd and engrossing viewers.

This method shows that you are professional and creative while increasing brand awareness.


Higher Frame Rate

In 2024, increased frame rates will be a trend in 3D animation.

Increasing the frame rate allows animators to generate smoother and more lifelike movements with less effort. The new techs like GPU rendering, rendering engines, frame interpolation, etc., make it possible.

So, more brilliant frame rates like 30, 60, or even 120 fps are now being used, as opposed to the conventional 24 fps. Viewers can now get an immersive and visually alluring experience due to better-quality motion and greater than-before detail.

The benefit of this trend is that it improves animation quality by allowing for more natural and fluid character movements.

Higher frame rates allow animators to walk around new creative possibilities for more profoundly engaging and exciting content for viewers.

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Casual Surrealism

Casual Surrealism aims to give the impression that everyday life is surreal and fantastical. It takes familiar objects and places them in strange contexts, piquing our interest. Placing an object or product in a foreign environment where things don’t conform to societal or natural norms allows us to view it in a new light.

Tell me how it works. Why? Because when things are out of the ordinary, we tend to focus more on what we already know.


AI Integrated Animations



Moreover, AI is the most talked-about 3D animation trend for 2024.

This is hardly surprising since artificial intelligence is currently the most talked-about topic in the media. However, it should still be mentioned.

AI has brought about a sea change in 3D animation since it allows for incorporating cutting-edge technology into the animation process.

Artificial intelligence (AI) improved animation and opened the industry to more people. Thanks to AI tools and generators, designers, animators, and filmmakers may complete their tasks more quickly while still producing high-quality animations.

Popular AI animation tools and apps have been developed by major tech companies such as Adobe and Google. With these aids, formerly challenging tasks become much more straightforward. Adobe Sensei and Google DeepDream are two such instances.

Incorporating AI into 3D animation has simplified the creative process and created new possibilities.


Reel Breakdowns

Although reel breakdowns are a relatively new trend in animation, they are here to stay because of the growth of the creator economy.

Breaking down each scene and detailing the techniques and software used, animators give a detailed overview of their animation process in a reel breakdown.

Because of this, people can appreciate the technical talent and creative considerations that went into making the animation even more. A reel breakdown can cover every step of 3D animation, from character design and rigging to animation principles, lighting, shading, and compositing.

They show how an animator works, providing both prospective animators and those already working in the field a glimpse into the artist’s process.

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2d & 3d Mixed Animation

Blending 2D and 3D animation into a single medium is another fantastic 3D animation innovation that will likely remain. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-verse, which came out not long ago, is a tremendous illustration of this.

The mixture of the two methods is perfect for animators. They can take advantage of the best features of both styles. As a result, they get visually stunning and original animations.

This style combines the 2D animation’s classic hand-drawn look with the 3D animation’s realistic depth and dimensionality, allowing for more storytelling freedom.

The outcome is the smooth merger of several animation styles (cutout, whiteboard, mechanical, hybrid/2D-3D mix) and coming out with an appealingly charming experience for viewers.

As more and more animators try the creative potential of merging 2D and 3D animation techniques, we expect this trend to rise in acceptance and change over the following years.



Professionals in the animation industry must keep up with the changing trends in 3D animation, mainly in AI and ML, to make persuasive and newest idea-based cartoons in this life of digitalization. Doing this will ensure a solid position as a market leader.

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