Make a Cartoon and whiteboard animation Video for E-Commerce

Make a Cartoon and whiteboard animation Video for E-Commerce


On the shallow, cartoon and whiteboard animation videos can be the least likely match for e-commerce. E-commerce typically relies on live-action visuals. It centers on the product. While whiteboard animation opts for a more stylized approach. More focus on characters and narratives.


But today, we’re here to challenge that notion and demonstrate their compatibility. By the end of this blog, we will equip you with five actionable strategies; with these you can make appealing cartoon and whiteboard animation videos that push conversions for your e-commerce store. And above, we’ll throw in some tactical tips for good measure!


Let’s jump in and address the unspoken issue: how can you craft product-focused videos using cartoon and whiteboard animation?


Hint: You don’t have to! Stay with us as we reveal a creative approach that works wonders.


Express stories about your clientsExpress-stories-about-your-clients-01.jpg

If you’re focusing on product videos, creating cartoon and whiteboard animations might not seem the most effective way to market your e-commerce business. They may need to adequately showcase the product’s appearance and functionality, potentially wasting time and money.


However, fear not because there’s a more potent alternative!


You can use these animation styles to illustrate how your products seamlessly integrate into your customers’ daily lives, addressing their pressing issues, enhancing their quality of life. Ultimately you can make clients happier. Whiteboard animation, in specific, outdoes to fascinate audiences through visual storytelling.


It’s key to note: This approach is ideal for e-commerce brands that fall into one of two categories:


Those selling one or more “signature” products, whether manufactured in-house or sourced elsewhere.


Businesses with diverse products fused by a common theme or niche– nutrition supplements, sleep aids, artisanal chocolate.


If your business doesn’t fit into either of these categories, don’t worry; we have other strategies in store for you!


However, if it does, here’s a valued advice:


Consider making cartoon and whiteboard animations with your target purchaser as the chief character in a convincing narrative. Highpoint their issues, and then demonstrate how your products come to their rescue.


These animation videos can be deployed in a variety of ways, including:


Transforming them into attention-grabbing advertisements to drive traffic to your e-commerce store.

Creating enticing landing pages featuring selected products, using the videos as invitations to explore and make purchases.

Incorporating them into newsletters with links back to your website.

Leveraging them when offering discount codes in exchange for email addresses or promoting gift certificates for loved ones.

Sharing them as engaging social media content.

Showcasing them in giveaways and sales events.

And the possibilities continue to expand!


Give details of your procedure or policyGive-details-of-your-procedure-or-policy-01.jpg

When you have a shipping and returns policy that customers sometimes need help to grasp, utilizing cartoon and whiteboard animation videos becomes invaluable!


This approach helps reduce the number of confused buyers who abandon orders or become frustrated with return processes, often requesting refunds when a straightforward exchange would suffice. Ultimately, this translates to increased revenue for your business, both in the short term and by retaining these customers over the long haul.


Here’s a pro advice:


Examine your helpdesk for prevalent customer inquiries. Identify recurring themes: Are customers frequently inquiring about your guarantee? Do shipping concerns vex many? Does a particular manufacturing or fulfillment question repeatedly surface?


Create whiteboard videos to demystify these matters and prominently feature them On your Shipping & Returns page and within the FAQ section of your e-commerce store.

In your contentment emails, as a caring reminder of youractions.

Significant brands you can say like Twitter, Hubspot, Uber, and others already leverage whiteboard videos to attract more customers.


Make Your USP Resound Loud and Clear!Make-Your-USP-Resound-Loud-and-Clear-01.jpg

A unique selling point (USP) or it can be also called a unique selling proposition. It is the spirit of what creates your product or service healthier and well deserved than players. In online or digital marketing, your USP must be clear and with quick communication— one of the solutions to in receipt of likely clienteles to convert on your website.


What sets your e-commerce brand apart? What unique offerings can your customers exclusively find with you? What do you excel at or do differently from the competition?


You may assign a major share of your profits to a source you’re intensely passionate about.


You could source your products responsibly and ethically, your clienteles receive peace of mind about their purchases.


Or it could be that your merchandise surpasses competitors’ offerings by leaps and bounds.


Regardless of your distinctive attributes, ensuring your customers are well-informed is crucial. Let them in on your secret sauce!


Here’s a valuable advice:


Contemplate the creation of cartoon and whiteboard animation videos for your homepage, About page, or even both, centered explicitly around your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Marketing insights indicate that merely highlighting your USP can elevate conversion rates – so don’t hold back!


In the video, ensure you:


Proudly declare why you conduct business in this unique manner and no other.

Convey the tangible benefits that your USP delivers to your cherished customers.

Wrap it up memorably by linking the ‘why’ and the ‘what’ together.

We’ve previously discussed conveying your USP through video, so explore this article for additional tips and insights.


Articulate the story after your brandArticulate-the-story-after-your-brand-01.jpg

Now, you might think your company’s story is nothing extraordinary – and you’re probably correct! But imagine what? It doesn’t bother one bit.


Indeed, some stories carry more intrigue than others. Apple’s origin tale might be inherently more captivating than Papa John’s. However, both manage to captivate their audiences because they resonate with what their target marketplace needs to listen to!


Here’s how you can achieve the same for your company…


Here’s a pro advice:


A compelling brand story need not be filled with riveting drama. Simply consider crafting a cartoon and whiteboard animation that conveys four essential concepts:


And where did you begin – how did you develop the company ideas?

Any difficulty—from cutthroat competition to cash-flow problems, self-doubt, or seemingly unsurmountable engineering problems can be transformed into the core of your story.

Discovering Breakthrough: Share the “Eureka” moment when your brand changes.

Where you stand now – seize this opportunity to articulate your primary value proposition to your customers.


It’s that simple! More or less might make out this as a deviation of Kevin Rogers’ 60-second hook. Kevin is a seasoned storyteller – we even featured him on our podcast! You can put on this template to many aspects, with your story video.


Once it’s completed, feature it prominently on your About page. Despite not offering direct purchasing opportunities, this page ranks second most visited on most websites. Neglecting it would be a missed opportunity!


Motivate clients to direct your referralsMotivate-clients-to-direct-your-referrals-01.jpg

For an e-commerce store, word-of-mouth marketing is the major way to entice paying clienteles. The alternative involves pouring substantial resources, both in terms of money and time, into intricate campaigns that may yield different results.


However, it’s essential to recognize that only a portion of your customers will eagerly champion your brand to their friends and family. Most will require some form of incentive.


Enter the solution: referral programs!


Investing in creating cartoon and whiteboard animation videos to motivate your buyers to evangelize your store is a wise move. Thanks to the persuasive effect of video, your current clients will be much more motivated to indorse your brand to others.


Here’s an invaluable advice:


Fashion an explanatory video detailing your referral program, assuming you have one (and you certainly should!)


In this video, elucidate:


What your existing customers receive beyond warm, fuzzy feelings!

What rewards their referrals will reap as a token of appreciation for shopping with you.

Participating in the program is an unequivocal no-brainer that won’t strain their relationships with friends and family.

By the way, your referral program isn’t the sole aspect deserving of video attention! About your gift certificates and loyalty programs; you can create cartoon and whiteboard animation videos which verify highly operative tactics.


Do you wish to jump making cartoon and whiteboard animation videos for e-commerce? Let’s talk!

If you’re eager to accelerate the growth of your e-commerce brand, video marketing is an unbeatable choice.


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