What are the Best Infographic Video Makers of 2023?

What are the Best Infographic Video Makers of 2023?

What are the Best Infographic Video Makers

Are you in need of a brilliant video infographic maker? Allow us to introduce you to the top 16 infographic video maker tools that can facilitate the formation of infographic videos with speed and ease. Among these tools are Renderforest, MiniTool MovieMaker, Canva, Adobe Express, and Wideo, to name a few.

Which tools rank as great for creating knowledgeable infographic videos?

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Adobe Express 

Adobe Express

In seconds, Adobe Express, one of the premier infographic video makers,. It, with no issue, creates custom infographics. Its intuitive interface and plethora of templates make it accessible, removing the need for video editing or design knowledge to breathe existence into your ideas. You can infuse your separate touch. You can combine numerous photos, backgrounds, videos, and audio information to make enthralling presentations.

Also, with Adobe Express, users can share their creations across all their digital platforms, connecting with their viewers smoothly.



An infographic animation video maker, Biteable caters to either novices or knowledgeable users with its flexible features. Users can pick to start from scratch or opt for an infographic video template to personalize. It enables you to integrate text, play with colors and live-action scenes, and apply animations.

Notably, Biteable includes infographic icon scenes featuring pie charts and extra charts, making data more visually comprehensible. Each video clip elegantly displays a single icon at the center, preserving a harmonious demonstration of data and graphs that guarantees your audiences aren’t overwhelmed by excessive information.

MiniTool MovieMaker

MiniTool MovieMaker

In the free infographic video makers, MiniTool MovieMaker stands out as a user-friendly tool with an intuitive interface and establishment of straightforward video editing features. It offers a broad array of video templates, making it a breeze to create enthralling infographic videos with merely a few clicks.

Adding to its versatility, you can smoothly import various rich media sources, combining videos, images, and music to enhance the visual entice of your creations. With your media assets in place, you can organize them on the timeline and apply transitions, filters, and animated elements to infuse diversity into your video. Moreover, you can integrate text and subtitles to exhibit your infographic facts effectively.

MiniTool MovieMaker exceeds the infographic videos; it enables users to make explainer videos, ads, item demonstrations, company presentations, and social media content. It even enables you to change GIFs into videos and vice versa.

As you wrap up your editing process, you’ll find the Export window, where you can specify your video’s name, pick the desired video format, establish the save path, and customize resolution, video quality, frame rate, bit rate, and more. Notably, without any watermark, you can export videos at resolutions up to 1080P.

To get started, click the ‘Free Download’ button, install MiniTool MovieMaker on your computer, and build attractive infographic videos from scratch.



Canva, the online video infographic maker, stretches its creative help even to those without design expertise. Its user-friendly platform lets you pick a template and input statistics to make graphics and charts. For infographic videos, Canva parts the template into separate scenarios for step-by-step editing. While it may not offer abundant video editing tools, it surpasses providing separate ways to exhibit data, concentrating less on opulent impacts and more on efficient data visualization.




Renderforest, an online infographic video maker, equips users with major tools for creating attention-grabbing infographic videos. Its toolkit includes transitions, filters, and animations, guaranteeing visually remarkable content. Notably, Renderforest differentiates itself with infographic video templates spanning charts, polls, and diagrams. It provides a perfect canvas for presenting your statistics. Additionally, various infographic sceneries are available to bring data visualization to life.


Lumen5 can change photos, text, voiceovers, music, and GIFs into animated infographic videos. A quick solution for your promotion campaigns. The infographic video templates serve as wellsprings of inspiration, facilitating the formation of attractive video information that grabs your audience’s attention. Furthermore, strong software encryption safeguards your content, guaranteeing its protection.



Visme rises above the ordinary infographic video maker. It emerges as an all-encompassing solution for making your brand through visual creations. Whether you aim to create infographics, charts, presentations, videos, or documents, Visme rises to the occasion. While it may sound intricate, it offers an outstanding chance to create charts and graphics, which can then smoothly transition into video content.

This free infographic video maker has a rich arsenal and over 1,000 convenient templates. You can pick from pre-created infographic templates or customize your infographic video by importing your data. An pick out of thousands of vector icons and immense fonts. And stock photos await your creative touch over 1.5 million high-resolution, enriching your infographic videos with rich visual content.


Among the top-tier infographic video makers, Wideo takes the stage, providing a plethora of animated promotion video templates. Businesses find these templates advantageous, as they can smoothly integrate graphs and customize data. They can effortlessly create customized infographic videos.

In addition to these features, Wideo offers various backgrounds, images, music, and animation effects, allowing for the quick formation of original content. However, it’s worth noting that the abundance of infographic icons is not a notable feature.


Piktochart, the cloud-based infographic video-maker tool, enables individuals, firms, and companies to effortlessly make professional-looking infographics, reports, presentations, and more. The user-friendly platform provides a pick out of over 200 separate templates that guarantee visibility and comprehension.

With this editing tool, you can enter all the essential features expected from a top-tier producer. Besides, it enables you to smoothly integrate videos from platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, improving the diversity of your infographics.


Powtoon, an online infographic video maker, furnishes users with a gathering of video templates that efficiently present performance data, statistics, or item and company suggestions. Users can tailor the video theme to their needs, accommodating purposes ranging from HR announcements to office meetings.

While it may absent a large-scale suite of tools for visual data representation, the pre-designed infographic video templates offer a beneficial solution. Users can smoothly integrate their data and statistics into visualized templates, streamlining the information formation.


Animaker appears as a flexible platform in creative infographic video-making, allowing users to create customized infographic videos adorned with charts, icons, and maps. These visual elements serve as efficient conveyors of information. Instead of stopping there, Animaker simplifies the art of making either animation or live-action videos, guaranteeing that all major data smoothly arrives at the audience.

Throughout the creative journey, you’ll find a riches of support, from tutorials to sound impacts and animations. What’s more, Animaker offers a library of royalty-free music, improving your videos and keeping your viewers engaged. Even if you’ve never ventured into video editing or animation software, this task persists within simple reach, assuring a delightful and innovative technique for data presentation.


VEED, a user-friendly video editing software, offers a hassle-free technique for improving your content. With merely a few clicks, you can integrate visual elements that raise the entice of your videos. Whether combining background music to enhance interaction or combining text, subtitles, and drawings to carry your ideas clearly, VEED is the go-to solution. This software can change your information into communicative and enlightening infographic videos within minutes.



Among the top-tier infographic video maker apps, LightMV shines brightly, providing the ability to create remarkable videos on iOS, Android, and Mac devices. This cloud-based video creator enables either online video formation or editing.

Designed with a user-friendly interface, LightMV welcomes users of all ability levels, requiring no prior editing expertise. The treasure trove of beautiful video templates and soft background music awaits your creative touch.


BeeCut, another infographic video maker app, facilitates video formation online and on smartphone platforms. It enables users with various editing functions, from trimming and cropping to zooming. In addition, you can embellish your video with text, overlays, elements, and frames.

Notably, videos formed utilizing this app are free from watermarks. BeeCut also offers the flexibility to pick your preferred video ratio, combining an extra layer of customization.

Mango Animate 

Mango Animate has a large-scale gathering of video templates. It caters to users across numerous industries. From investment analysis videos to performing reports right for everyone, this platform has an infographic video template. Likewise, it has online teaching video templates enriched with infographics. This combines many charts, widgets, and shapes.

You can expertly balance data with various options and visuals by organizing fonts, charts, and data.



Vyond has a large-scale library with free templates. Featuring a rich pick out of backgrounds, motions, and characters. When selecting a template, it initiates with a scene. Then followed by successive slides. These are adorned with varied backgrounds and characters. You can customize them to fit your narrative and integrate data-infused charts into your video.



Now, you have seen the top 16 infographic video maker tools today. You now have various options. So, create an infographic video based on your wants.


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