Why Your Business Needs an Animated Explainer Video

Why Your Business Needs an Animated Explainer Video

Why Your Business Needs an Animated Explainer Video

Nowadays, in our electronic environment, visual content rules over everything else. As we all know, people love images and companies try hard to catch their viewers. Welcome into the era of animation that is revolutionizing the advertising world. You have been searching for ways on how to convey your message, educate your market and enhance the reputation of your brand; this is where you ought to be.

Here, we’ll delve into the enormous value of animated explainer videos, their significance in present-day advertisement landscapes, and tips on choosing an appropriate animated explainer video company. Therefore, it’s time to lie down and enjoy an exploration of visual content.


The Power of Visual Content

The Power of Visual Content


Today, it is mostly visual content that propels the most effective marketing campaigns of our times. According to Statista the annual figure was forecast to continue to grow in animation market throughout the decade, surpassing 587 billion dollars by 2030. Incorporating visual elements in every posting whether in a social media statement, a blog article, or even the homepage of a website. Here’s why visual content is so compelling:

  • Captivating Attention

The old adage tells us that ‘a picture is worth thousands of words’. Hence, pictures are great means of expressing complicated message with rapid effect. With such short attention spans nowadays, having a grip on visual content is your secret weapon that will keep your readers interested


  • Simplifying Complex Concepts

Visuals are a universal language. They are capable of simplifying complex ideas into simpler terms. It is particularly helpful, for instance, when explaining a product to customers.


  • Boosting Retention

They recall much more what they saw, rather than what they read. Using visuals will ensure that your message sticks with the audience as it is most memorable.


  • Encouraging Sharing

Sharing visual content such as pictures and videos increases exposure of your company’s products on the various platforms thus expanding your market reach. With shareable contents, you stand a chance of having a viral article that will generate high visibility for your brand.


Enter the Animated Explainer Video

Enter the Animated Explainer Video


Now that we understand the importance of visual content, it’s time to shine a spotlight on one of its most potent forms: the animated explainer video.


What Is an Animated Explainer Video?

What Is an Animated Explainer Video


Animated explainer video refers to the short and lively videos with use of 2D illustrations aimed at explaining something like a product, service or an idea. Such videos usually take 1-2 min in length, making them effective and enjoyable vehicles of information sharing.

  • Simplification

Explainer Videos: The Simplifiers’ Masters. They are capable of reducing large concepts to small segments. What’s more, it’s indispensable if you need to bring a novelty to potential customers.


  • Engagement

Explainer videos have a wealth of colorful visuals, dynamic animations, and as such, are immensely compelling. This is because they cater for both visual and auditory leaners hence very effective when targeting different audience.


  • Storytelling

Explainer Videos Need To Be Like Short Stories. The first thing is that they touch the audience, engage with them by taking them on this journey then have them ending with a conclusion of command.


  • Versatility

The Animated Explainer Video is an ideal tool for educating consumer about product, promoting product, tell stories and even more. You can use them in website content; email-based advertisement strategies, social media platforms, as well as presentations.


The Impact on Conversion Rates

The Impact on Conversion Rates


Always, according to studies, companies that use animated explainer videos record improved conversion rates in their businesses. The video’s capacity to captivate viewers, enhance knowledge, and eventually induce buying.


Finding the Right Animated Explainer Video Company

Now that we’ve highlighted the advantages of animated explainer videos, it’s time to address the critical question: How to choose a perfect Animated Explainer Video Company?


The Search Begins

However, once you decide to acquire an animated explainer video, very many firms will be vying for your favor. To help you find the perfect fit, consider the following factors:

  1. Portfolio

Review the company’s previous work. Are they writing in a way that matches your brand and message? It’s important that one finds someone compatible at this level as the first step.


  1. Expertise

Find an organization that excels in producing animated explanatory video. This will be reflected on the quality of their work.


  1. Customization

This should be a brand-specific version, tailored to fit your particular requirements. Stay away from one-size-fits all firms.


  1. Storytelling Ability

In fact, it needs to be good in telling stories because a successful explainer video depends on that.


  1. Transparency

The reason for this is that a good company has nothing to hide. From the onset; you have expectations in mind.


The Process of Creating an Animated Explainer Video

The Process of Creating an Animated Explainer Video


Since animated explainer videos hold their weight in gold, so to speak, thus far, now it is time to find out more about creating them.

  • Step 1: Initial Consultation

The first step in your journey is an initial consultation with a chosen animation explainer video provider. Here You Present Your Vision, Goals, And Objectives. By giving more information, it will give a better understanding of what you need as a company.


  • Step 2: Scriptwriting

Then, the writer converts your information into an engaging tale which is written down by a scriptwriter who will put it in a film. Your explainer video comes alive through your script and defines its pace, tone and message.


  • Step 3: Storyboarding

Afterward, it will be necessary to develop a story board. The storyboards are images that capture the shots, camera movements and other transitions in the video. These provide clarity during the process for all involved in production.


  • Step 4: Voiceover and Music

The most probable case is that you will also use voiceover for narration of your story in the movie. The appropriateness of the voice and background music plays a great role in creating the right atmosphere and involving the audience. In this selection process, the animated explainer video company will offer some options and direction.


  • Step 5: Animation

That’s where the magic takes place. A team of skilled animators transforms each scene of the storyboard into a 2D animation. The second stage calls for carefulness as well as artistic abilities in order to make sure that the animation is in sync with the script and what you wished to communicate.


  • Step 6: Review and Revisions

When this task completes on the side of the latter, the customer can proceed to watch the animation later revising it on request if need be. Feedback should be offered in order for you receive end product that you desire.


  • Step 7: Finalization

The video is finally done when you are pleased by the revisions. After that, your information is ready for shipping in the way you need – to your site, Social Media or Presentations.


  • Step 8: Deployment

Here is where you use your animated explainer video strategically. A video strategically placed on the homepage of your Website, in an email marketing campaign, or on a social media platform can significantly boost your marketing efforts.


Measuring the Impact

If you decide to make an animated explainer video, be sure to monitor how it affects your business. Here are some key metrics to consider:

  • Engagement Metrics

Track viewing time of video, CTRs, and sharing of the same. They provide you an insight in to whether your video is engaging or not.


  • Conversion Rates

Your Animated Explainer Video and Conversions. Monitor how many of the viewers convert into what you want them to do-buying something, signing up on the email list, or inquiring about something.


  • SEO Benefits

Improving search engine ranking of your website through adding an optimized and animated explanatory video. Multimedia-rich websites are rewarded by Google that can boost organic traffic.


  • Feedback and Surveys

Your video is effective if you gauge it using feedback from your audience. These insights could be very helpful to improve through surveys or direct feedback.


The Role of Keywords

For example during search of an animated explainer video firm; using relevant keyword could make one’s search much more particular. These include; animated explainer video company, visual content, 2D animation maker and animation video services that will lead you to a company offering your desired services. When you search for such kind of information, online particularly, then that set of terms which will be used during exploration of website of a Web and it’s any other documents.



In this era, the most crucial aspect is to win and keep the attention of your audience when communicating your message that you are making through a company. Through visual content like animated explainer videos, these objectives are achieved.

Use animated explainer videos to convert more with simple explanations of complicated ideas and improved engagement! Have Them as Your Marketing Weapons. Instruments as such would be of double use – for teaching crowds and promoting a product, service of somebody’s own.

When selecting an appropriate animated explanation video company, it’s crucial to assess Search for keywords that will assist you find the perfect partner you have always desired.

Do Not Miss the Power of Visual Content! Advance Your Brand’s Narrative with Animated Explainer Videos. In today’s market, thanking an audience for choosing to listen or buy is a refreshing, powerful marketing strategy. Furthermore if you are looking for animation video services then get in touch with Animetus.