Animated Infographics: How Can They Work To Engage Your Audience

Animated Infographics: How Can They Work To Engage Your Audience


Information is better observed when it can be visualized. Regarding this, there is movement as well as images, artworks and other graphic elements. You have surely seen this many times on the internet. According to Statista, it estimates that the global animation market will be worth over $391 billion in 2022, up 5% from last year’s $372.4 billion. The annual number has continued to increase for 10 years and is projected to exceed $587 billion by 2030.

After video, GIF is the most common type of file containing motion. The entire internet is full of them. This format can be used for creating infographics and other technologies. But don’t expect the following.

Animated infographics are an easy and effective way to provide valuable information while entertaining your audience. As it can be a big differentiator for your brand.

Reason to Invest In Animated Infographics

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Just as your content has a meaning, so does the included infographic.

First and foremost, you need to look at things from your potential buyer’s point of view. What do you think is easy?

Do they evoke written dates and numbers, or do they evoke visual representations? Wouldn’t it be easier to remember certain information if some of this material stood out? This type of approach can be very valuable if your brand wants to provide content that represents an expert or authority. The reason it is important to create animated infographics because it helps you to engage your potential customers and enhance the reputation of your brand.

It’s also a great way to showcase case studies, increase brand exposure, and complement your online campaigns. Good design can be used to attract and convert prospects or improve customer retention according to your goals. Remember to always focus on effective customer communication.

How Are They Good for Business?


We are programmed to want to see them everywhere, even with the quirky name of pareidolia. This is why people claim to see faces in everyday items, and why so many conspiracy theorists are convinced that all sorts of coincidences happen, if not rare.

You can present the key points of your topic with a variety of supporting images, text, numbers, graphics, and other visualizations.

In addition to visuals, narration and text also play an important role in these videos. This combination of multi-sensory information packages makes motion graphics an effective method for information delivery and retrieval.

How To Create Innovative Animated Infographics?


Whether you want to revive an old design or create something new, you want it to be as innovative as possible. These tips helps you to give the customers what they deserve!

  • The Best Stories

Infographics are just a way to tell a story. Even if your content sounds unattractive, you can always convert it in better look, if you use your creative skills. Learn what your potential customer wants to know and tell him the right story your side.

  • The Right Voice

You need to sound the perfect tone before you communicate with customers. Communicate your brand well, but remember to make it accessible and easy for people to understand. The trick is finding a balance between showing yourself as an expert and speaking the same language as your readers.

  • Limit Data

Doing research can sound thrilling and feel like the whole wants to see it all. But be careful, too much data can ruin your infographic. If you want, you can create another document containing everything else not included in your design.

  • Become a Pro

Of course, you become an expert with this and other marketing tools, but creating animated infographics is no easy task. Analyze the best course of action before creating something from scratch, as poor execution can cost your investment. Outsourcing may be the best option.

Which Companies Use Animated Infographics?


Organizations with complex ideas that need to be articulated quickly and clearly. It is also used as a powerful teaching tool in many learning facilities as it is an effective tool for introducing new ideas and concepts to its audience.

Classrooms, training courses, and even museums may recognize this elegant, information-driven style of animation.

For companies, it is very helpful when publishing research. Animated infographics really shine when you have interesting data that needs to be explained in a more compelling way than a simple bar chart.

You can take your audience on a journey by creating visuals and narration that explain the purpose of your research. Then bring your discoveries to life with animated visualizations that combine relevant images with bold text and numbers. The perfect complement to boring presentations. Think of animated infographics as grown-up versions every time the teacher turns on the video during the lesson.

Animated Infographic Website


You may have seen very sophisticated websites that consist almost entirely of animated graphics and information that change as you scroll. These websites are technically known as parallax websites or pages that use parallax scrolling.

Great for promotional and awareness purposes. Charities and brands often use it to tell stories or showcase research findings across timelines.

The best thing about these websites is that you can include a well-placed and strong call to action at the end. This allows you to direct your readers to areas they want, such as lead generation, conversions, or social sharing.


Static infographics are a staple of modern digital design. The ability to grab attention and present information in an engaging and understandable way can be a valuable tool for any business.

But here at Fudge, we’re not interested in static things, we like things with a little movement. Animated infographics are like their cousins, but they are more visually compelling and can potentially convey far more information without adding complexity.

They’re quite a challenge, and graphics with a huge iMac on your desk, unless you’re a designer or an animator, you’re going to have a hard time creating something flashy and inviting. But don’t despair. If you want to create infographic animation and looking for 3D Animation Services, contact Animetus.