How May Whiteboard Animation Be Used In The Workplace?

How May Whiteboard Animation Be Used In The Workplace?

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The main purpose of a whiteboard animation movie, which is essentially an explainer video and may be used for a variety of purposes, is to promote goods or explain services. Videos using whiteboard animation are highly helpful at explaining complicated concepts in detail.

Whiteboard animation video creator also helps increase interest in your brand.

When you choose to use whiteboard animation, sometimes referred to as Doodle video among other names, you need be certain that this format is practical. However, if you are not, you can experience confusion, which will lessen the impact of your film. Many video artists utilize the doodle style since it has recently gained popularity and seems to be suitable for use in a variety of contexts. According to Statista, the source predicted that the worldwide animation business will reach over 391 billion US dollars in 2022, up 5% from 372.4 billion US dollars the previous year.

However, there are several issues and troublesome areas when it comes to the choice of the style and its further development. Sometimes people struggle to recognize when a certain style is appropriate.

Whiteboard Animation’s Benefits and Drawbacks

benefits of whiteboard animation

Let’s look at a whiteboard animation demonstration.

Here are some clear benefits of this fashion;

  • It is particularly descriptive because, as you can see, even seemingly straightforward objects can be wordier than lively animation;
  • Uses sequential, chronological, or at the very least logical storytelling;
  • Simple, exact, and yet able to exhaust the topic;
  • For easier memorizing and comprehension, the developer of the sequence uses several visuals to illustrate certain points during the narrative or explanation.

While there are many extremely positive aspects of this animation that we can see, there are also negative aspects.

Here it is;

  • An animated whiteboard film is not a garish invention; it consists primarily of black drawings on a white background.
  • Your video runs the risk of becoming quite boring for the viewers if it is too long.
  • It doesn’t really function without a storyline and a pretty strong voice-over.

Characters are only needed for description; they don’t drive anything in this story.

What’s more, because animation is engaging and lively, doodles allow movies to be longer without losing the attention of the audience.

Where to Use Animation for Whiteboards?

  • Technological or Complicated Goods or Services. Sometimes certain issues prevent any product or service from being presented digitally. Fortunately, using a black-and-white format allows for the introduction of complex ideas to an audience without making them bored. Materials that may be visualized are typically simpler to recall and accept.
  • Commercial Uses. The ideal solution for projects with numerous processes that need to be streamlined is a Doodle presentation. With its brief and straightforward scenario and clear animation, this style can quickly grab the attention of a number of customers and businesses.

The Most Common Errors in Whiteboard Animation

animation videos

Transforming a traditional concept into a vibrant one. The white-hued scenery was selected for a reason. First off, a simple background makes it easier to draw viewers’ attention to and keep it focused on the topic and material in the video. Additionally, the colorless theme is crucial if any color is required because it highlights the function of the paint. The overall material can become less memorable when the background is colorful and distracts people.

Which Video Formats Work Best With Whiteboard Animation?

  1. Commercials

Doodle videos are a simple and efficient way for businesses to market and promote their goods. Particularly when the complexity of the substance prevents them from being felt like other items or being easily understood.

  1. Music Clips

An unexpected but yet impressive mix illustrates what you hear in a distinctive manner on the screen. This approach may be ideal for some types of music since images created specifically for the video and placed at key moments may elicit more powerful reactions. Deep emotions are evoked in viewers of music videos by the accompanying pictures. A well-known music video from 2014, “Weird Al” Yankovic’s “Mission Statement,” is a wonderful example of this blend.

  1. Learning and Education


Talking heads and individuals fade into obscurity. Usually, it is uninteresting to see someone present a challenging subject. Additionally, the effectiveness is questionable. Drawings appeal to the aesthetic side of people, so why not combine this with learning, which is essential for everyone? And instead of a video, a corporation showcasing numerous videos that incorporate whiteboard utilization serves as the ideal illustration. The location to see the possibilities of the black and white animation with intriguing and unexpected issues that have an impact on many different objects and procedures is at RSA.

You can look into the amount of viewers and followers to be confident about the standing of their films. For RSA, accumulating millions of views for any animated whiteboard video is not an issue.

  1. Talks by TED

Yes, it is among the formats for these videos that is most appropriate. Due to its prominence in numerous fields, a large number of people are familiar with this business. For the majority of TED movies, using a whiteboard to present any topic is therefore crucial. Any subject, no matter how challenging, may be introduced and explained using this approach. No matter how long the video is, it is still the best option for both brief and lengthy examples. This animation skillfully diverts the audience’s attention away from the narrator and toward the video.

  1. Guidelines and Instructions


Today, there are a lot of things we need to know, but it might be difficult to obtain crucial information without a thorough understanding of the subject. In addition to written guidance and explanations that are very simple to acquire online, cool whiteboard ideas also offer viewers relevant illustrations and animations. Gaining some practical abilities can be beneficial because it is much simpler to work with things you have already seen.

  1. Watchable Videos

We enjoy watching attractive animation a lot. They might discuss various topics or describe some noteworthy current happenings. Perhaps it is possible to draw a cartoon in a unique manner. In general, doodle videos of all kinds can be amusing, which is an important factor!

  1. Videos for Goods


Such movies are excellent at describing product aspects since they may discuss both services and products – the essential consideration is the effect of simplification.


Using a whiteboard animation example for your video projects could be a terrific choice. It is well-liked and regularly employed because to the wide range of potential fields in which it appears to be an appropriate format. Furthermore, some special qualities open up more opportunities for everyone.

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