7 Trending Types of Videos of a Video Production Company in 2022

7 Trending Types of Videos of a Video Production Company in 2022

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Video production has increased dramatically in the past decade, with companies trying to promote their brands in exclusive ways. The marketing industry has evolved with its new techniques to attract a large audience, with the video production company being an integral part of all the buzz. Businesses often face a backlash or bad reviews for their products end up with video making to improve the overall image. Though the type they might integrate into their businesses may differ. But one thing is for sure, this will only lead to success.

Videos vary from leadership to explainer video creation depending on the business goals, objectives, and requirements. It may sound easy to develop engaging content when in reality, a lot of backend work is required, from making a marketing strategy to it’s implementation. Therefore, this becomes crucial for the video’s success as guiding potential customers and retaining existing ones while raising awareness is a difficult task. A good content should narrate the business story and lead the consumers toward buying. But not every individual knows the different types targeting various sectors; hence here is a brief explanation of the most used content.

The 7 Types Of Video Content

  1. Promo


The fact customers prefer promos before watching a movie, or the actual song has helped businesses launch their promo to raise brand awareness. The teaser or promo increase the company’s website or blog traffic, improving lead generation. Companies usually opt for such content for bid events, virtual conferences, etc. Since they have text-based documents like reports to promote their brands, fun videos make all the difference here. These promo get designed and integrated into a business marketing strategy to encourage more downloads. Thus, a video production company focuses on the bigger picture by developing a story around it, and wrapping up in short commercial or promo is all that is needed.

  1. Explainer

Multiple businesses keep launching every day with the aim to raise awareness of their products and services in the best possible ways. Hence, businesses looking for unique ways to educate potential buyers about their products and demonstrate the need for the services to generate leads often choose explainer videos. The explainer video production explains complex services and goods by explaining to the viewers how the product will solve the emerging issues. Enterprises often choose the animation method to describe the product or services and help consumers connect with the brand emotionally, making it quite engaging. Moreover, companies aim to solve the existing or emerging customer’s problem through the visuals instead of an aim to sell it.

  1. Webinars


The internet world has enhanced everyone’s knowledge with webinars, educating customers about rising or existing industry issues. In most big firms, webinars are considered digital events with virtual attendees. These attendees register in advance to watch the complete session leading to sales. The best part about webinars is that they can get pre-recorded and scheduled for a specific date and time. Furthermore, firms can publish them on their websites on the landing page or as a blog post. They can range from short to long clips depending on the discussed products or services. The webinars help consumers understand the product better and easily connect with its objectives.

  1. Leadership

The video marketing agency develops various types of visual content: leadership video is setting benchmarks for companies. These content educate the audience on a specific topic or subject, sharing perspective and explaining it in detail. Since it targets a large audience, it needs to be authentic while discussing one point of view.

  1. Demos


Technological advancement has increased in the last two decades, with people wanting to test and explore new horizons by automating the work processes. When technological advancement seems alien to ordinary people, the demo play a huge role in demonstrating and explaining everything in detail. From helping solve complex mathematics problems to research steps, these visuals do it all. Similar to explainer video making, they demonstrate how the product or service works. But they are more detailed as they need to specify the key features and functions of the product. Moreover, it helps customers justify the purchase decisions, lead generation, and email a follow-up. They might include unboxing of products showing viewers what to expect.

  1. Whiteboard

Whiteboard video production has increased in recent years with its innovative way of promoting a brand. The video shows its customer’s static images getting drawn on the screen. The illustration with the story narration explains the listeners. Since visuals are more engaging with animations and people love watching rather than reading stories, enterprises spend a lot on video creation. Their creation has become the core marketing strategy, multiplying the company’s ROI dramatically while communicating the brand’s message. Whiteboard animation is a unique way of marketing your products and services, catering to all industries. Since the visual style focuses on the story and illustration, the message is much louder and more apparent to the target audience.

  1. Company Culture


New businesses or corporations enter the market with a new perspective often opt for company culture visuals. Further, this helps them reach clients or when raising brand awareness. While on the hand, educates the viewers about the brand’s goal, core values, and objectives. Enterpreneurs trying to reach a larger consumer range through fun and creative ways may implement such content, helping in the recruitment process in the long run. Furthermore, all the information of the company like about us, holiday, work process, etc., fit into this.

The video production company focuses on developing engaging and fun videos to attract a large audience towards the brands. The above were a few common video-type used by various industries for different reasons. However, they all urge to generate more sales in the long run by educating people about the products and services. Lastly, this not only increases customer satisfaction but builds brand loyalty.