Customize explainer videos: Uses, Purpose, and Benefits

Customize explainer videos: Uses, Purpose, and Benefits


Nowadays, whenever individuals find it hard to understand a product/service, they wish to research it more and want someone to explain it to them. In this regard, explainer videos come to their rescue.

So, marketers are now more focused on producing explainers, not as impressive content, but as a vital marketing tool that helps businesses explain their product/service easily and conveniently in a short time.

You are in a tight spot if you want to know how to explain your product or service or any part of the business operation to your audience or employees.

In this blog, you will explore everything about explainer videos.

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What are Explainer Videos, and where are they used?



A concise and informative video about not more than 3 to 5 minutes that describes something in a creative and fun manner. From a digital marketing point of view, it explains multiple things, such as:


1. Intro and Synopses

Marketers can use customized explainer videos to provide basic knowledge of a specific concept. These videos can give a brief overview of a business presentation, a new product launch, or any new addition to a product or service right away. Explainer videos are a tool to provide clarity to those who are unfamiliar with your brand offerings, which makes them best for startups.


2. Processes

You can use explainer videos to explain products/services or your business operations in a structured method. This means you can describe them by breaking the complex ideas into smaller digestible pieces so that the viewers can grasp the logic behind how the product/service performs or how a particular business part operates.


3. Tutorials

Reading a brand manual or finding and capturing information regarding a specific subject or task can be a time-consuming and traumatic chore for an audience. Explainer videos can make this a chore easy by providing step-by-step tutorials with easy demonstrations.


4. Sales Collateral

Businesses, during branding, use traditional methods such as brochures or flyers to communicate with the audience. Rather than let your audience use booklets, which give them school vibes to communicate with them, you can use explainer videos to kick start your conversation, like sharing the same story time after time or referring to specific information often.


5. Presentations



Time is short during a presentation, and you must explain everything simultaneously. An Explainer video can deliver the essential data at the top so that you can dig into relevant information and explain the core parts of the presentation right away without losing their attention and saving time.


6. Culture

Finally, explainer videos are a great tool for promoting your business culture to your company’s core assets (employees and clients).

It is a great approach to get your prospects’ trust and credibility, no matter for which purpose you use it.


What makes explainer Videos so worthwhile?



In the digital era, video is a likable format, and explainer videos are highly effective tools for educating an audience about something hard to describe briefly. Here are the reasons why explainer videos are valuable tools.


1. Easier to Digest

Videos stimulate processing centers in the brain. When we watch explainer videos, humans process information using auditory (sound) and visual (sight) channels.

This suggests a Dual-Coding theory, which Allan Paivios put forward in 1971. This theory claims that audio and sight channels work separately in the human brain and that when too much data enters our brain, each channel can be overwhelmed by this data load.

However, it is easier for humans to absorb and digest when content is displayed in a motion style that depends on both sight and audio channels, like moving screen images accompanying verbal descriptions.

This is a reason humans prefer video to other static mediums.


2. Save your resources

Delivering quality client service and pitching sales requires effort, time, and internal resources. An explainer can also reduce this burden.

When your salesperson or client reps make a pitch or demonstration, they must convey the same information to multiple clients. Although the details are slightly changed to modify the client’s tone, the core information stays the same.

Explainer videos eliminate this repetitive task while ensuring constant messaging through all brand touchpoints.

It also frees up many calls for sales reps. According to the research, one-fourth of markers experience a slowdown in the volume of support calls the business gets—a win-win for both the sales team and clients.


3. Offers an Emotional Experience

Video is the best tool for showing solid emotion. In explainer videos, every element used in the making helps build an emotional link with the viewers in multiple ways:

  • Voice Over: Using words on the screen left viewers with an undesirable tone. With a voice-over, you have control over the tone and mold it in a way that can emotionally attract an audience. You can use a human voice that makes the viewers feel familiar and leads to trust in your product or service and in the brand itself.


  • Music: Like a voice-over, music influences the human mood. Whether you improve the story arc or set the tone, using music in an explainer video is an excellent way of describing anything.


  • Visuals: Along with the powerful voice-over or the impressive music tone, the imagery used in the explainer videos also greatly enhances the visual experience. The graphics or visual images tell the story simply and appealingly and convey abstract concepts or complex subjects.


4. Provides a strong ROI

Still, marketers are using video tools less in their content marketing arsenal. Using explainer videos more often gives an expanded RIO. Here are the reasons why.


  • Reach: When dealing with clients face-to-face, a salesperson has limited opportunity to demonstrate the product or service, but explainer videos can expand the reach. Anyone can get them digitally and share them with others. In the smartphone era, users share the most videos that they find appealing or informative.


  • Traffic: Videos can convert first-time clients into long-time clients and bring them to your app or site. Most digital marketers ensure that once they use video as a marketing tool, they will gather vast amounts of traffic from websites and apps. Also, video posts provide three times more inbound links than written posts as per Moz.


  • Conversations: According to research, 83% of digital marketers claim that using videos generates stronger leads, and 80% claim it immediately improves sales. According to Google’s findings, 1 in 3 millennials claim they buy a service or product immediately after watching tutorials or demo videos. Even more, businesses say that after adding videos to their landing pages, there is an immersive 100% boost in conversations.


What Do Explainer Videos Appear Like?

When someone decides on explainer videos for their website, app, or market need, they have different purposes. Explainer videos can be produced in the formats mentioned below. However, these formats aren’t universal; you can create an explainer however you want.

  • Live Action: To better relate, you can feature a natural person in the explainer video in a real-life demonstration.


  • Animated: Motion graphics allow for infinite creative potential. Deliver ideas using animation, shooting schedules, actors, set design, and characters.


  • Mixed: You can fuse motion graphics and live action in your explainer videos or add other elements, like stop-motion and papercrafts.


  • Screen Capture: If you want to demonstrate anything digital or IT-related, you can use screen capture in your explainer videos.


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How can you develop a Nice Explainer Video?


Note that every explainer video doesn’t need to be great. You must emphasize each element of explainer videos to arrange each video part, such as music, voice-over, graphics, design, and story. As we develop a bundle of explainer videos, we know the process:


  • Ask yourself if you need one: Explainer videos are required when you need to demonstrate something. They aren’t always the suitable choice for any sort of story you want to convey.


  • Decide how you work in it: You can build Explainer videos with your resources if you have a few nice animators, graphics designs, and the paid tools needed to develop a nice video. If you want an explainer video for a quick precut demo, you better opt for a custom animation video like Animetus, which has all the resources and talents to produce an impressive video.


  • Convey a strong story: build tight scripts for a video and make sure the video length or the length of each part of the demo is correct.


  • Pick the right elements: Be careful when selecting the colors, fonts, designs, and structure for an explainer video. Use dazzling shades, high-contrast colors like black and white, pop colors. Use fonts like sens-serif, Badoni, or Proxima Nova or similar to these are smart choices as they are easy to read and convey the tone of your content.



Above all, remember that you should put your audience at the top. Assume you are the one who doesn’t know anything about a thing and now produce an explainer video that is engaging, informative, and explanative.

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