Reaching Gen Z: features, strategies, and tips

Reaching Gen Z: features, strategies, and tips


Generation Z is a group of people who were born between 1997 and 2012. These folks have seen digitalization since birth and have grown up with the booming of new technologies and innovation from very young ages.

Regarding marketing, the current generation is the most knowledgeable about new tech.

So, understanding their innovative preferences of them is crucial for the all the firm operating now.

Also to inform you, understanding the new generation’s mindset and getting their attention is now complex as social media admires them, and their sharp minds doubt most new things.

So, in this article, you will learn how Gen Z marketing strategies align with certain major factors to keep in mind when designing them.


Gen Z features


Digital Natives



As discussed, that is digitalization, and Gen Z adores new tech very much. They are always attached to smartphones, laptops, TVs, etc. They are always in search of the best online platforms and want to engage with digital content that gives them a feeling of great excitement.

Marketers must be well aware of what tech touches their feelings the most. Obviously, in this Gen Z, there are some different nationalities and races and cultural perceptions. So, consider which kind of Gen Z you are targeting.

Take Apple, for example, which features “Olivia Rodrigo” in its video marketing. The target audience is Gen Z folks who love her songs.


Short Attention Spans

Gen Z prefers to grasp information within a short time period. They don’t prefer to consume time if anything they see takes time to understand; they just want to understand within a few seconds.

According to research, 3 to 8 seconds are the most vital moments to get the attention of viewers nowadays.

So, marketing messages must be short in a way that a few minutes must be attention-grabbing, which can force them to stay for the rest of the video.


Authenticity matters

Well, this one is for all, but Gen Z has a short mindset and can easily grasp whether the info you are delivering in the form of video or written content or with any creative style is authentic enough to satisfy their needs more.

Compared to previous generations, Gen Z prefers authenticity and transparency. They are highly connected to businesses that offer genuine, beneficial content. Such marketers convince them by showing how socially responsible they are and always follow ethical principles.


Visual content preference



Visual content is now ubiquitous in the digital world. Wherever you click, you will see some sort of visualization, either in image, video, or written form.

Especially, video, filled with 3D or 2D animations, unique ideas, creativity, and graphics, plays a major part in Gen Z marketing.

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Not all grab the attention. Some seem highly dull, while some are unique and have never been seen before; platforms such as TikTok are now attracting this generation’s attention. They want to see the most enjoyable moments in a 1-2 minute horizontal video.

Infusing well-written text with appealing video (or within the video) or images with artistic 3D/2D animations appeals to this generation the most, compared to long-written texts only.


Gen Z Marketing Strategies


Go for social media platforms

We are already implementing this strategy and getting successful outcomes in the form of leads. As discussed, TikTok is very much in. You can make short videos for any new product launch or service. The video must be creative, infuse less text in that video, and ensure a high-quality video.

Reels are also very famous on Instagram; similar to the above, apply all of those in a video.

In 2020, a midsize cosmetics company called e.l.f. created the song “Eyes. Lips. Faces.”

They then collaborate with TikTok influencers. To motivate the clients to expose their makeup transformations, they use a #eyeslipsface challenge.

The campaign went viral, which led to millions of user-generated videos to enhance brand awareness.


Embrace influencer marketing

Gen Z prefers “peer recommendations.” Thus, you can partner with an influencer with thousands of followers. The influencers you approach must align with your brands and authentically promote your product or service.

Adobe, a software firm, has taken this approach and come up with creative ideas via collaboration with the digital creators and artists whom Gen Z loves.

They do this in a video that displays how to use Adobe suite tools.


Interactive content

Here, we are not talking about the writing. Content is the level of creativity you can add to your marketing campaign to make it extremely interactive and participative, which Gen Z loves.

Quizzes, challenges, and polls are the best approaches you can add to get the most participation from your audience.

Converse, a midsize shoe company, uses this strategy, allowing its clients to customize any sort of shoe according to their first choice.


Highlight social responsibility



Gen Z is socially conscious and supports brands that follow sustainable practices and try to implement corporate social responsibility initiatives.

“Lush”, a small cosmetic brand, supports environmental conservation and animal rights by engaging in charitable campaigns.

Its strategies are always in alignment with Gen Z’s social activism and ethical consumption values.


Utilize user-generated content

You can also allow them to share their own content regarding your brand. This will improve your trust in them.

“GoPro,” a camera manufacturer, shows a “Photo of the Day” on its social media channels rather than on its website that buyers have taken. It posted on its own platform.

Other customers are encouraged to post their own adventures in image form. In this way, a community that shares an adventurous craving for exploration is built up.


Gen Z marketing tips


Mobile-first approach

Gen Z uses mobiles all the time, almost either for learning, entertainment, or online activities.

Your marketing campaign must be will-optimized for smartphone devices, not limited to user-friendly apps, UI/UX, and responsive websites with friendly content.

Take, for example, Instagram Reels, the top video platform specifically for mobile users.

TikTok is another major social media app that is taking a huge part of Gen Z and is highly for mobile usage purposes for short-term video content.

Also, Snapchat is a very mobile-first UI for Gen Z.



Gen Z is fond of customized experiences. Your website should use AI and data analytics technologies to provide recommendations, offers, and marketing messages based on user preferences and behavior for each registered user.

Based on a user’s viewing history, Netflix’s recommendation algorithm offers tailored content suggestions.


Embrace inclusivity and diversity

It is well known that Gen Z wants inclusivity and diversity. You can connect with this generation’s ideals by adding features like voices, cultures, and backgrounds to your marketing initiatives.

By sharing hosts’ personal stories, Airbnb’s #HostWithPride campaign honors the LGBTQ+ community.

Airbnb promotes diversity and inclusivity by displaying a range of narratives and providing a forum for hosts to express their own tales.

The principles of Generation Z—acceptance and authentic representation—align with this campaign.


Incorporate gamification

Element gamification has the potential to increase Gen Z engagement. To add interactivity and entertainment value to your marketing initiatives, consider using game-like elements, challenges, or awards.

Nike’s Run Club app gamifies the running experience by offering challenges and prizes based on users’ running accomplishments.

Besides improving user engagement, this gamified strategy fosters a spirit of friendly competition throughout the running community.


Creative social media marketing



Direct purchases made via social media sites are acceptable to Generation Z.

Examine social commerce alternatives to optimize the user experience, like shoppable posts and in-app purchases.


Place a focus on sustainability

Sustainability is important in Gen Z’s shopping decisions because they are ecologically sensitive.

Emphasize environmentally friendly procedures and your attempts to lessen the impact of your goods and services on the environment.

Patagonia’s “Worn Wear” promotion encourages consumers to purchase and trade in worn Patagonia apparel.

It highlights the brand’s dedication to sustainability and encourages the circular economy.


Final Verdict

Organizations need to stay relevant in the marketing trends to determine the distinctive features of Gen Z marketing.

As a top animation services provider, we hope this post was useful. Marketers may create genuine connections and foster brand loyalty by modifying their strategies to align with Generation Z’s interests and beliefs.

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