How to make Hi-Tech Animated Advertisement Video

How to make Hi-Tech Animated Advertisement Video

Hi Tech Animated Videos

to reach potential audiences and is effective in making a lasting impression on your audience. Digital marketing experts believe video advertising will rule the marketing world for the next decade. This means that the trend of enthusiastic video marketing continues and campaigns can improve the overall reach of brands.

Of course, there are many other ways viewers can consume content, but video ads have always dominated the charts. And it should not be surprising. People’s hectic and busy lifestyles encourage innovative formats that allow them to process information on the go in a more accessible and condensed way.

Instructional videos are a good example of short-form content. As the video ad space continues to expand, it accommodates the growth of many video advertisers. The demand of this kind of marketing is undeniable. This is because video advertising is going to dominate the world of online advertising for decades to come. Isn’t it amazing!

Imagine how this innovative marketing tool will increase your organic engagement and sales. From moving customers through different stages to increasing brand awareness, the video advertising megatrend can do it all. Animated ads are one the most popular form of videos marketing. There are lots of reasons behind that. However, hi-tech animation companies put a lot of effort into creating animated ads that resonate with viewers. So today we take a behind-the-scenes look at some animated ad examples to see why they work so well and hopefully give you some animation ideas from these great ads.

What Are Anime Ads?

Simply put, animated ads are short ads designed to endorse a company’s services in a fun way.

This type of advertisement is often displayed through television and digital channels, especially social platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. There, you can display animated videos as in-banner or in-stream ads.

Animation Benefits in Advertising

Listed below are just a few of the facts and statistics behind the benefits of animated video ads.

  • Animated ads are famous among modern users. According to the study, 54% of buyers expect from the brands more video content. Therefore, promoting products using video is one of the few types of content that users are happy to respond to.
  • Short videos are attractive therefore on average, videos up to 2 minutes generate the most engagement. This is both an advantage and a tip. No need to spend extra money for creating too long ads. Keeping your ads short and detailed is one of the best ways to do advertisement.
  • Video product promotions are great for building brand awareness. Nearly 50% of customers search for branded product videos before making a purchase decision.
  • Animated ad illustrations can be conversion-driven.64% buyers admit to making a purchase after watching content of video about the service.
  • You can implement different kinds of promotional videos and creative animated illustration ad ideas. Product demo videos are some of the most famous promotional examples since last year and beyond.

Characteristics of Animated Commercials That Drive Conversions

animated commercials

There are many examples of videos in advertising, but not all are able to achieve their goals and engage their audience. This is what makes animated commercials stand out and boost revenue.

  • Compelling Optics

The first impression a user gets is always visual, so it makes the most sense to set the highest level of quality and the integrity of the brand identity.

  • Proper Sales Funnel Phase

There are many different types of videos you can create, but each one should always be aligned with the stages of the sales funnel to move your audience from top to bottom.

  • Appropriate Marketing Channels

The marketing channel you use is important for your future video performance. Choosing the perfect video length is important. For example, longer videos like tutorials work well on YouTube, while short promotional videos work well on social media.

  • Tell A Story

The storytelling element is especially important in cartoon commercials. Regardless of age, users expect a compelling story behind an ad, and some examples of promotional cartoons are actually moving and heartbreaking.

  • Strong CTA

An effective animated ad requires influential CTA. Its goal is simple. It’s about directing the viewer to the target action. So consider aligning your videos with your business goals and stages of the sales funnel beforehand.


How to Create the Perfect Animated Ad Roll

Animated Ad roll

Follow these steps to create an engaging video ad together.

  1. Know Your Audience and Sales Funnel Stage

The first step is to look back at your audience, the details of their perceptions, and the sales funnel stage they are in. For example, younger viewers respond better to TikTok and Snapchat videos (keep this in mind when deciding on ad length), while older users watch longer videos and they tend to be deeply involved in meaning. At the sales funnel stage, it’s important to suggest the right type of product or service video ad.

  1. Determine Your Product Video Type

You can choose from the following product ad types that already match your sales funnel stage advertisement.

Short Promotional Videos

These are good for the cognitive stage because viewers don’t want to watch the video for too long. First, you need to catch the first impression of your brand’s services. This is the main purpose of creating promotional videos.

Product Demo

Product demos are a good way to raise awareness to consider the stages of the sales funnel. As users become more interested and want to see more about the brand’s services.

 The Descriptive Display

Instructional videos can be used during the consideration stage of the sales they ensure that users fully discover the ultimate idea behind the topic and solve the problem in the most effective way.

Product Tutorials

This type of educational product ad addresses the post-purchase stage of the sales funnel and helps customers discover the best use cases for your product.

Kickstarter Video

Kickstarter videos are a particular type because they have all the types of features mentioned above. Moreover, its goal is to attract investment, so the mission of this video is to take potential investors from awareness to purchase stage in minutes.

  1. Choose The Right Animation Type

Depending on the details of your theme and the ad type you chose in the previous step, you can choose the right animation style. For example, most product video ads are created using 2D or 3D. Both technologies are powerful enough for advertising to achieve its goals. 2D is better for cartoon ads. This technology is used to create promotional, explainer, and Kickstarter videos. 3D, on the other hand, is great for creating product demos when you need to see your product from all angles. Although the use cases are slightly different, the creative ideas you can propose and implement in 2D and 3D are limitless. Feel free to harness the power of animation to create the best ads possible.

  1. Adapt Your Video To A Specific Platform

Each marketing channel you can use to promote your video has its own individualities, especially in terms of user behavior patterns and video length available. For example, viewers want to watch YouTube videos longer, and YouTube also allows longer videos to be published. However, for other social platforms, we recommend that you keep your promo reel video short and create separate versions of your ad for each social channel you plan to use. Also, don’t forget to track the engagement and performance of your video ads by analyzing social factors (comments, likes, and shares), average watch time and conversion rates for each platform.


How To Create The Best Animated Commercial Video?

commercial video

Yes, working with animated ads themselves opens a lot of doors for getting your message across exactly the way you want it. If you need to convey an abstract concept that needs to be easy to understand.

Here are 5 important elements

  1. Quality

Consciously or unconsciously, people on the internet judge the credibility of products and services by the quality of the content. It’s important that your video makes the right impression through highly sophisticated animation.

  1. Alignment

Generic ads are quickly forgotten. Effective works are created with a distinct audience in mind. This allows you to tailor your elements to resonate with the specific audience you’re trying to target to.

  1. Trademark

Effective cartoon ads use smart branding techniques like color choices and logo placement to emphasize your message and promote your company’s image in a subtle and effective way.

  1. Rhythm

Animated ads that work typically have impeccable pacing, a rhythm that keeps the action and story on track, keeping viewers entertained and engaged.

  1. News

Even if all other factors are correct, an ad that lacks a clear message or is poorly communicated usually fails to achieve its intended purpose.


Today, commercial cartoon and animated ads are bigger than ever. As social media interactions become central to digital marketing, creating cartoon ads that grab your audience’s attention is essential to staying relevant. However this work is of the highest quality and resonates with the audience, the results will show it. Working with a quality company that provides animation video services is always a good option for that.

The variety of styles and rich approaches at your disposal make this medium a powerful marketing tool if used correctly, yes. So, it’s time to get in touch with creative animated commercial video maker who can bring inspired, cool ad and animation ideas to your brand advertisement. As you’ve seen, animated ads can be used for everything from product videos to brand videos. Get in touch with Animetus if you are looking for amazing hi-tech animated ads services at affordable prices.