Learn About a 5,200-year-old Animation

Learn About a 5,200-year-old Animation


Animation has become extremely important for the success of businesses in today’s world, where they need to promote their products and services to reach the maximum number of customers. Firms these days are searching for better ways of marketing their company. Here creating a storyline and attaching the brand’s core values becomes crucial.

Most companies are seen implementing it as the primary branding strategy as it instantly captivates the customer’s attention. This is why the forecasted report shows the animation market will surpass $587 by 2030.

Many consider it to be the best technique because, according to recent research, users tend to remember anything that is moving or has a visual representation. Since animation is all about creativity and visuals, it has become one of the most used strategies. Many industries, from restaurants to education, are using it to increase audience interest and make them want the services. Though this seems like an easy job, it takes the right strategy to create an impact.

The hitech animation company didn’t spring up overnight. It was a slow process as new tools and technologies entered. However, it wasn’t the only industry benefitting. It advanced rapidly to the current features and functions.

Let’s understand animation and its 5200-year old history in detail.

What is Animation?

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It is a tricky process of adding movement to still figures and objects. Here different drawings are made and put one after the other with slight changes in an animation sequence to give them the illusion of movement. These frames are critical to any video’s success explicitly made to achieve a company’s objectives. However, the creator should be a great artist or at least have the concept of art to draw beautiful images before putting them together. These images are drawn on transparent paper known as celluloid sheets which are then photographed and copied on film. All this later took the shape of an animated commercial video maker that made it easier for firms to create interactive video messages or marketing campaigns.

The traditional way of animation is a lot more different than the advanced ways as now much of the work is computerized, meaning animators no longer have to sketch or paint by hand. If we look at recent research, archaeologists even found film images from a 5200-year-old bowl buried in a burnt city in Iran. However, it was found in 1970, but it was not until recently that the researchers interpreted the images as a visual story.

We usually associate animation with cartoons and movies since those were the first things we see as children, but as time changed, it was also being used for marketing purposes. But if we look at the oldest cartoon character, it shows a goat jumping to eat the leaves on trees. Though people could not understand the drawing or scribble before, one of the well-known archaeologists could interpret it correctly. Here linked, the tree on the old bowl is the Assyrian Tree of Life, but the bowl found was way before the Assyrian civilization. Thus, a lot of controversies were later associated with it.

Later, the CHTHO in Iran made a short film on the Burnt City using the images on the bowl. Though this time, it was all about a decade of investigation. There were major researches in the future too. So when talking about animation, one needs to be careful that it has been used in old age too. From there, it has dramatically evolved, bringing it to the use of tools that lead to more beautiful scenic scenes.

Why Should We Use Animation?

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Animation brings nothing but significant advantages to businesses and customers as well. Its implementation has led to improved artwork and marketing. Here if we say art and technology work together, it wouldn’t be wrong, which has made branding a company and its products and services much easier.

It gives a deeper understanding of the drawings and how a brand message can be interpreted. Besides this, it removes unnecessary verbiage, coming directly to the point so the targeted audience can connect with the brand instantly. Even the visuals are enough to trigger an action. Moreover, a business can convey its idea behind a product or service more easily and quickly, which even helps in connecting them to the audience on an emotional level.

The hitech animation company claims it to be a budget-friendly strategy that small to large enterprises can quickly implement. If you ask us about the best part of animation, be it 2d or 3d, it has to be its ability to educate and engage customers through an entertaining medium. Look around, and one can easily find many video advertisements that increase customers’ knowledge through attractive visuals. Many of the top brands use it to bring the desired results. Now with the proper use of colors, characters, storyline, and music, firms can get the desired results. This is only possible by triggering positive emotions by conveying the right idea through various marketing mediums using animation.

Airbnb is a well-known platform that connects building owners and rent-payers through its efficient services. Though the idea was creative in letting people find a home anywhere in the world and pre-book it for specific dates, the real challenge was advertising it. Initially, it had no idea how to go about the process but later opted for 2d animation. This strategy brought its ideas to life, showing exactly why it is a need of time in a world where traveling has become more common. We have many such examples that have sky-rocketed a company’s sales worldwide, but this example should be enough for now.


Animation has become a part of the new world where more companies are emerging with new solutions to current and futuristic problems. At this time, firms need to brand themselves with their unique idea and offerings to educate the target audience. This isn’t an easy task, but with animation, it has become easier to brand with an impactful message. Thanks to the animated commercial video maker that had digitalized how animators and companies can create videos and bring the desired outcomes. If you are one of those searching for a professional animated company to create interactive video marketing messages, get in touch with us now.