10 Best Tips On How To Make Fascinating Whiteboard Animations And When To Use Them

10 Best Tips On How To Make Fascinating Whiteboard Animations And When To Use Them


Have you ever seen a video where it apparently looked like it as if someone was drawing line on a whiteboard, trying to explain something? That particular style or the method of a video is called whiteboard animation. For some reason, if you are not fully aware of their potential, you are in for a ride. A whiteboard video maker software can do wonders if you understand it to its core

Let us paint a clear picture, so it can be understood clearly. The whiteboard animation videos mimic a man or a woman who draws on a whiteboard in front of a camera. It always has been a traditional practice where whiteboards are used in schools, colleges, and universities mostly. However, these days we see a huge influx in digital animation, which is way more efficient and cleaner.

It is impressive how this particular style of video is so powerful. For starters, the message becomes easier and can easily be retained by the viewers, especially if something is being explained, which initially is considered to be quite complicated. This is why we see these videos being widely used for marketing purposes for products that need help in being broken down.

Moreover, these types of videos always have your back if you need to cover plenty of details in a limited amount of time. While that being said, other than marketing and educational purposes, whiteboard animation videos have many other things to offer. Let us doodle on them and have a complete painted picture by taking some of your precious time out to go through the tips mentioned below. We ensure you will not regret it. The more you know, the better your next video will turn out to be.


  1. Never Ever Start Without A Script


When it comes to the creation of any type of animated video, writing a script is mandatory. Consider it as the backbone of any video that supports illustration, storyboard, and animation quite firmly. Having a solid script leaves you with robust inception, middle, and ending. It helps a lot in distributing the information in the most strategic way.

The thing you should focus on most here is to answer the what, why, and how in the video. Your video can cover any topic; the final output has to be the viewers fully satisfied with the information presented to them. Go forth and notice how it can be perfectly done.

WHAT: You must tell your customers exactly what situation your product will be cracking.

HOW: Follow it by letting them know how you plan to do that.

WHY: Furthermore, tell why everyone should be using your product as the best alternative in the industry.

However, always remember that your video has to have that educational vibe. You are trying to explain something; stick to the basics but in a creative manner. The primary purpose is to explain it first and then sell it later. The most remarkable benefit of the best whiteboard animation video is to break down a complex concept and have it presented as small bits of information. That is how people; you create items easier to absorb for your potential customers.


  1. Here Comes The Storyboard


As soon as you are done with the script, you should commence working on the storyboard. Working on the storyboard is crucial as this is where you decide what scenes will be shown to the viewers, so they stick till the end. Basically, every other person involved in the process of making the video is directly impacted by the storyboard.

Think of the storyboard as the draft for illustrations. Moreover, you can also design multiple screens to pair each one with the respective part of the script. Whatever you think works best for you, go for it because skipping the storyboard will not end up being good for your video. You have to understand the worth of a good storyboard as it is directly proportional to the success of your video.

The exact image or the part of the video has to be synchronized together to make it work. A little bit of irrelevancy can result in the video being lousy. On the other hand, it is not how well your video plays out but how aligned it is with your script. The primary goal is to have your customers eyes locked with a top-quality and relevant storyline that enables them to have a closure.


  1. Do Not Forget These Three Whiteboard Video Hallmarks


The whiteboard animation magic works by combining two core aspects: a whiteboard, the continuity, and a drawing hand.

  • The white space of the whiteboard naturally outs the audience in the learning mode, given that schools had whiteboards, and most of us grew up learning on that. It helps the message come across to them quite easily. Using different backgrounds is not suggested as your viewers can instantly lose attention.


  • If you keep the drawing to be perfectly connected, it helps your viewers to put the pieces together quite easily. Moreover, the narrative helps as well in conceptualizing the intended idea. It is just an artist scribbling on a whiteboard, but the voice-over and background effects impact the viewer quite strongly. Continuous and cohesive stories are what you need to make things easy for your audience.


  • If there is not a drawing hand, a whiteboard animated explainer video cannot be completed. It is something that puts everything together in the best way. Have it this way; without a drawing hand, it will just be another animated video, not a whiteboard.

There are indeed other things you can find, but these three are simply non-negotiable under any circumstances. Add colors to the video, add characters all you want, but never eliminate these three hallmarks if you need your whiteboard animation to do wonders.


  1. Include These Elements And Increase Brand Awareness


Most whiteboard animation videos are black and white; this does not necessarily mean that you should follow the same classic structure. Yes, stick to some of the aesthetic rules, but never stop exploring the fun ways with it.

However, ensure that your fun elements are perfectly calculated and help you with brand awareness. Use colors, and add more visual elements so it looks catchy. All of this makes your brand perfectly recognizable in the market for your potential customers. Furthermore, you can use your logo in the video so that more people can see it and it becomes memorable.


  1. Your Target Customers Must Feel Bonded To Your Brand


Want your animated whiteboard video to perform exceptionally well, try including your target customers in the narrative. This leads to your customers feeling welcomed and more valued in the business. This is what causes them to be loyal to you. The contest that is in demand today is quite challenging. Customers do not think the second time before making that switch. You should give them every possible reason to stick with you.

A simple yet effective way of doing that is introducing characters as your customers in the videos. This way, they can instantly recognize themselves, and their attention span will widen. Your intended message is easily sent across, which is consistently the end goal here. Every successful whiteboard animation video is seen doing this because it provides promising results.


  1. Try To Keep It Short And Sweet


All the people online are known as a fact to have short attention spans. They are not there just to engage with you only; they are amazing multitaskers. Just have a look at your screen right now to see just how many tabs or apps you have opened. Would you say you really are paying full attention to the messages, emails, or social media accounts plus this article all at once?

There is a good chance that these things do not have your full attention at the same time. This is the reason why you should strive to grasp the full attention of your audience from the point they start seeing the video all the way to the end.

With the help of an engagingly short whiteboard video, you can keep your audience hooked all the way through. The best length can be somewhere between 60 to 90 seconds. It is more than enough time to have the desired message sent across to the audience.

Note that the viewers are going to spend the initial 10-15 seconds making their minds whether they will watch the video till the end or not, which is the primary reason for you to leave the suspense to Hollywood and get your message being upfront at the start. Also, you should make sure that it is presented in a way that makes the customers want to learn more.


  1. Focus On The Quality


Videos are the best method to disseminate your brand notice to the outer world. As they handle your whole reputation, it is only fair that you ensure to keep their quality top-notch. Working to have the highest level of quality in your videos helps them become more engaging.

We do not want it to sound harsh, but customers automatically judge the integrity of your products and services if they see your bad-quality videos. Similarly, if the quality is always top-class, the image of a brand that forms in the customer’s mind is always professional. This is called behavioral science.

This is why you must produce whiteboard animation videos that have high quality. If you do not possess the skills needed, it is fine as you can hire a professional video production company to do the work for you.


  1. Enrich The Use Of Animated Characters


As mentioned above, including your customers in the video makes them take an interest. It is always suggested to work on building the buyer personas. This is how you can include customers in your video to show them how important they are to your business.

The best way is to have them introduced as animated characters, representing your audience. This is good for the continuity of the video and also helps the story to get much more engaging. It becomes quite fun and entertaining to watch; what more do you need your video to be?

The feeling a customer gets after pointing out his potential character in the video is quite empathic. This allows them to add a personal touch by being attached to the video emotionally, so they remember the brand in the market where every business hassles to get to the top.


  1. Use Power Of Emotion As Your Best Tool


Without any doubt, a video can be an assertive tool. It depends on how you execute its use in the market. By working on your story perfectly, you can initiate the sentiments of your consumers and make them realize your brand’s worth.

This helps your customers to identify your message quite easily. If you play with the right cords, you can easily draw customers to your brand. Isn’t this what every business wants? If you understand the use of emotions quite well, you will unlock the real power of what whiteboard animation videos will do for you.


  1. Always Keep The Educational Touch In The Video


The fact that whiteboard animation videos are perfect for retaining and attracting customers is not hidden. This is why they have been in use in educational videos for quite so long. People notice the clear difference in learning things easily when they are interested. This is such fun to discover reinvigorated things.

You can use the educational side of these videos for your benefit. Whiteboard always gives that learning mode type of feelings for everyone, which works perfectly with the goal they stand for. YouTube is filled with such videos, and users love watching them. Do you want to learn anything? Great, just type it in the YouTube search bar, and there is a good chance that at least one video will be made using whiteboard animation.


This Is When You Should Be Using Whiteboard Animation Videos


Hopefully, you now understand how these videos can be made perfectly; let us see what the scenarios are where you should implement them.


  1. If Your Product Or Service Is Quite Complex


There can nothing be more educational than a whiteboard; despite being the latest invention lately, the fame of whiteboards has not faded a bit. Since the whiteboard technique entered marketing, wonders have been done. Any complex and hard-to-understand message can easily be explained using these videos. This helps businesses that have complicated products or services in order to make them easier.


  1. You Need More Additional Time To Clarify Your Firm Idea

Additional Info

Any explainer video should be of a specific length, which is true. However, if you suspect that you need more time with them to have your message delivered successfully, you can push the time limit a bit further.

It has been in the subconscious of people to already get into learning mode after seeing a whiteboard. Now, learning can take more time, can’t it? This roughly places the idea of an extended time period in the customer’s mind which kind of covers up the possibility of taking more time to extend the length of a video. However, it is highly suggested that the video does not get boring at any point because it will make the customers leave.


  1. You Intend To Leverage The Magic Of Character Animation


Your story gets so much more interesting if you add more animated characters in the video. The art of animated characters works best if the story that revolves around it is perfectly aligned. If you place the characters perfectly with the story, customers start to take more interest by behaving and thinking like them. They get so deep to the point where they start thinking about the next moves of those characters. This subsequently helps you increase more of your brand awareness creatively.


  1. You Desire To Create A Video To Train Your Employees


The employee onboarding processes are taking much longer than ever. There are multiple tests that an employee has to pass, and only after all of that he/she is hired. Even after the hiring is done, the Human Resource representative is responsible for giving a company tour and elaborating more about the role.

Well, isn’t that a hassle? It all can be done quite easily by having a whiteboard explainer video created. You can include all the essentials in that video and have that new employee watch all of that, followed by a quiz. The more engaging the video will be, the better outcome will be observed. In fact, many companies have started doing that, and the result is nothing but remarkable.


Avoid Doing The Following With A Whiteboard Animation Video


Always ensure to never make the following mistakes with whiteboard animation videos.


  • Do Not Make Them Educational


These videos being educational is their unique feature, and you need to understand how essential it is for them to follow them. You cannot just feature a random topic in a whiteboard animation video because it will simply not fit. A video regarding typography animation online has a different concept; it is obvious that it cannot be enforced to be in a whiteboard animated video because the scenario is totally different. The core purpose of these videos has always been to explain something. If you take that out, you take the beauty out of it.


  • Never Let Go Of The White Background


Whiteboard videos are called by that name because of a reason, right? If you take that reason out of the image, what are you departed with? Whatever you do to make your video better, just do not exclude the blue color from it. It is the primary that makes these videos worthy of the name. Excluding it will make the video lose its worth, and that is something you do not want to happen. Always remember, these videos are always recognized by their traditional white background, or how else will they be different from other animated videos in the market.


  • Do Not Keep It All Dull


Yes, letting the video keep its originality has to be your prime focus, but this does not mean leaving it all dull and dry. Colors are considered an attractive element in a video. The right amount of colors is capable of making your video look engaging and interactive. It allows customers to see how creative you are, which is something that everyone appreciates today. By adding colors, we do not mean it to make an aquarium. Keep it mixed and moderate.


  • Never Steal An Idea From Your Competitors


Running thorough market research is indeed essential. This means you can get to have a detailed look at what your customers are doing and what things are now hot in the market. This causes items to be easier for you as you get to see how your competitors are doing it. It has been witnessed numerous times in the market that creative ideas have been stolen. This can lead to a great disrespect for the business in the industry. Doing this is highly prohibited in any professional workplace.


  • Do Not Make It Too Long


Yes, you can indeed push the time limit to cover the explanation of your idea in a whiteboard animation video, but ensure not to go so far. A video being too long would take all the charm away from it. As discussed above, following the perfect length of the video has to be the priority. It can become boring, and your customers can end up leaving halfway. In order to stop this from happening, it is preferred to stick with an average time span for a whiteboard animation video.



When it comes to educating your customers about anything, your best option has to be whiteboard animated videos. Communicating the message in an interactive, fun, and interactive way is what you should be focusing on the most. Sending across your key concept to customers, no matter how complicated, is something every business faces. You can solve it with the power of storytelling paired with top-notch visuals.